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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Nov 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapToday I went to the Forbidden City. It was really nice. The coolest part is to just be there and think of all the history behind it. I mean its only been there for 600 years so no big deal. Just think, north and south America hadn't even been discovered yet. The even more daunting figure is that in the grand scheme of things 600 years isn't all that old for China. But it was cool to be there like I said. I would have rather just gone with Colin and few other peeps maybe so that I didn't have to hear people whine and complain that they had to go and that is was too cold. It does take away from the experience a bit. The weather was actually really nice for my standards. The sun was out and bright, no smog at all (you could see the entire city from a hill that I have pics of), no clouds. Sure it was a bit brisk if you were in the shade or the wind was blowing but boo hoo. Its friggin November in the northern hemisphere, get over it. But again, it was really nice to be there and I personally couldn't have asked for a nicer day. The only other negative for me was my knee. It was killing me, especially since we had to climb a lot of stairs up a big hill to a Buddhist temple. I took it real slow but it still hurt. I also forgot to wear my brace. When I wear my brace it doesn't bother me as much or at all, but if I forget it...well it sucks. Oh well. I'm over it. I will post pictures tomorrow so look out for them.
Last night was fun too. We all went out to a friend of mines that I met in Beijing. Hes a cool dude and actually was a student in my same program last spring. He now lives and works in Beijing. Everyone met him last Sunday at Bing's wedding announcement and he invited everyone out to his apartment for a get together. I was cool. I met and talked to this cool guy from Niger. We talked a bunch about African and world politics. Pretty sweet deal. I also talked a bit with some girls from the Netherlands. They were loaded filthy rich and brought a few of us out to this really expensive club. They apparently are VIP's there frequently so we all got in for free. Actually this same club is having a Ying Yang Twins concert tonight. A few kids in my group are there. I actually bought a ticket on accident last night (long story) but I didn't want to go. So I sold my ticket and got my money back. Tomorrow I plan on doing nothing but homework all day. It should be fun. Oh and Monday I start book two in language class, which means I am starting to learn what people would learn in year two of studying Chinese!!! yeah!!! I still don't even know 6 months worth!!!...ya i'm being sarcastic but that's me. I actually got some help and am going to try a few things different so I'm hoping my changes will help. I'll make sure to keep you all up on how things go. Until then, zaijian!