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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Nov 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapI ate chicken hearts on a stick tonight!! They were tasty. Guess what it tasted like...tasted like chicken believe it or not. Who knew? I got lots of homework done today, pretty proud of myself. Definitely not as much as i probably could have but lots for me. I also made a few major decisions today. This up coming weekend the group is going to Xi'an for three days. Xi'an is where I am going next semester. So I decided I'm not going to go with the group this weekend because if I went I would be going to see all the major and exciting things to see in Xi'an, which wouldn't ruin my trip next semester by any means, but it just wouldn't be as exciting and such if I were to go this weekend and then go again next semester. So ya I decided not to go, and that should give me some free time to focus on studying some more. I have a bunch of essays to write and few projects to start so hopefully if I can focus enough I can get everything done that I need too. The other decision is to not go with the group next weekend to the Great Wall. That wasn't a tough decision tho, it was practical...I struggle to walk to class and that's downstairs, so hiking the Wall again wouldn't be possible let alone smart or safe. Yup, so those were my major decisions of the day. After those trips I think we get to plan a few ourselves. A few of us are going to try and get everyone to go to the Ming tombs. That would be really cool. The other place will be the Temple of Heaven. Those are the major two places I want to hit up before I leave. Well that's all that is on my mind. Gatta get back to work. Zaijian!