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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 16 Nov 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapAAHHHH!!!! Something just hit me like a brick to the head. I only have one fricking month left!!! Not only do I still feel like its been a couple of weeks, but I have sooo much work to get done in such a short period of time. I have yet to start on my 15 page research paper, i have a project in my econ class, as well as two papers and a lot of reading for econ. I have to write two essays for film class by Wednesday, as well as finals for econ, sociology, and film. I'm still leaving out the all important language. I am now in book two and have a stack of note cards with vocab i don't know have a foot high. !!!!!!!! On a good note I got some help with my studies so things are looking up a bit. Oh and the program I am with has just received a massive grant, allowing them to give out over 20 full scholarships for the summer to study Chinese. This would pay for flight, any travel, food, and tuition. You can choose Shanghai or Beijing. I figured I would apply and see what happens. I talked to Bing and he told me that since I am staying with the Alliance for a full year I have a pretty good chance of getting the scholarship. I don't know yet if I would take it or not, I have obligations back home for the summer and would already be gone for a year. But i'll cross that road when and if it arrives. But the point is is that I have to write four essays for that. I already wrote one, and just need to touch up another. Oh and H1N1 has hit our group. The girl next door has it, and possibly a girl downstairs cuz shes been really sick lately. But the girl downstairs also does not take care of herself, eats horribly, and does not exercise. The girl next door is healthier than me. No worries tho. I got vitamin c i'll just keep taking. Besides I don't go next door all that much. But i need to get back to work, this was a nice little distraction. Oh and please help me with the picture selection!!!! I have to send that in very very soooooon!!! Thanks, xiexie! Zaijian.