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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Nov 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapNothing too special has been going on, just the same old homework/class routine. I have Han Bing stop by my room yesterday to tell me my teachers talked to him and told him i've been improving a lot, so i guess that's a plus, even tho it seems to me like i'm still stuck. i've been doing some work with my language partner that should help as well. We started back at chapter one of the first book and are slowly working our way through it. Like i predicted I'm still hazy or don' know things from chapter 3 and 4, which is why i wanted to do this. So i'm hoping by going through the old stuff with her and then studying the new stuff on my own i might be able to slowly catch up. and by slowly i mean catch up next semester, i don't think i could do it this semester. But thats fine, thats what a second semester is for right?