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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Nov 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapWow i'm tired. I spend all day today slaving away on a few papers, and trying to get some interviews set up for my capstone project. I'm doing a presentation on the legacy of Mao Tsetung from a Chinese point of view. I have to do a lot of observations and interviews with Chinese people. This week I'm doing mostly interviews with friends, teachers, and friends of friends... all of which speak english. So a lot of students and teachers. next weekend tho i'm going to go with my language partner and hit the streets! so basically i'll just ask random peeps what they think of mao, well through my language partner of course. I really like my language partner, i don't think i'm told you all about her yet, besides mentioning that i have one and meet with one. She is this lil tiny mongolian girl...soo cute, in the aww look how tiny and cute she is type of way. she loves me tho, she thinks i'm the funniest person she's ever met, her words not mine. all her friends like me too and agree with her. her room mate is colin's partner so we all hang out quite a bit. but my partner's last name is Wang as well. I just call her Tonia cuz thats her english name. she loves to watch movies, a lil too much. in fact her favorite type is american horror movies so i gave her a long list of classics and some new ones. she claimed she loved and had seen lots of classic american horror films, yet had never seen freddy, jason, exorcist, steven king name the classic she hasn't seen it. but i gave her a 30 list long page of movies. i think shes watched a bunch already. but she is really a koo girl. we have a blast together, not to mention she does help me out a lot with my language practice. her english is pretty poor but who am i to talk about someone else's foreign language skills. she knows enough to get her points across. i'll make sure to get a picture with her soon so you can all see my bestest friend in china!...ok colin your my best friend, don't cry or get upset, tonia is my best chinese friend ok, your my actual best friend...big baby.
well i tried to go to see mao's mausoleum today but i got on the subway and then realized i had forgotten my passport. dumb ass. its ok i'll go tuesday instead. i'm going to interview a few of tonia's friends tomorrow night about mao and what they think of him. i also will interview a few teachers as well, not tomorrow, but sometime this week i think. i got a lot of homework done this weekend tho. i finished my econ papers like i stated above. i got a lot of language homework done too, even tho its all old homework for the most part that i just never did. i still have a lot more to catch up on but i got a huge chunk done today. i also got a lot of emails and interviews sent out. i finished up my end of the scholarship application as well. i need two references and a transcript from BLCU, which are being taken care of. so once those come in i can send out my app. other than that i got a lot of work in the next few weeks...AHHH! i only have exactly 3 weeks left of this semester!! but i have to meet up with tiffany for an econ project we have together. i also have to catch up on language and a few things for film class. i'll have finials soon. this friday i need to have a 6 page paper on my mao project in. the actual project will be at least 15, but this is kind of a rough draft, and a way to make sure we do the work. that's why i've procrastinated and am trying to get all these interviews and trips in this week. with or without i'll make 6 pages easy. i've already done soo many informal interviews with friends and chinese people that i could use them, as well as make up a bunch of bs. its the just the rough draft, i'll have all real stuff for my final presentation which will be the second to last day of school. also, colin and i are going to go for two more adventures before we leave beijing. this upcoming week we are going to go to the ming tombs outside beijing. and next weekend we will go to the temple of heaven! (happy alp?) but i'm also getting a lil sick. i've been kinda messed up all weekend. just run down. colin and i went out last night for a relaxing time. we were going to go and see 2012 in theaters but the american film isn't in english, nor did they have english subtitles, so we ditched that idea. instead we went and go an absolutely delicious sandwhich on the koren street in wodaoku. after that we took a stole through wodaoku, checking out street vendors, although the shirong ( street vendor police) we out so there weren't many vendors on the streets. we found one selling little candies on a side street so colin and i got a bag of different gummy worms and stuff. we also bought some books. there all kinds of book vendors with great books if anyone wants any, just let me know. mom they have all kinds of steven king novels, i think i'm going to get some so if there are any in particular that you want let me know and i'll look out for them. they are a couple bucks. i bought "the wealth of nations" by adam smith earlier in the semester for like 3 bucks, and then yesterday i bought "catch 22" by joesph heller, which i've yet to read, for like 2 bucks. after our lil stroll we went to an american bar called lush, had some chicken strips and french fries and a beer. just chilled, people watched, and had a nice chat. he's really an interesting person to talk to about things. we both have a lot of the same passions and both like having deep conversations about things. we think a like to for the most part. he's the only one i can say that about here. otherwise i'm pretty off the rocker for most kids here. i don't think they are used to someone saying whats on their mind all the time. oh well. i'm over it. but i'm about to hop in bed now and pass out. i'll ttu all tomorrow. zaijian!