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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Dec 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapSo I went on an adventure today!! I skipped school and went to Mao's Mausoleum, where they have his preserved body on display. Now before you say anything this is part of school. I was actually meeting a journalist that I've become friends there and today was the only morning he had free. He was going to help me interview people about Mao while we were standing in line to get in, but turns out all the people around me spoke English so I didn't even need him. He was fun to talk to though and get his perspectives as a journalist in China. The other people I talked to was a man from Xi'an, where I'm going next semester, but he wasn't in line to see Mao. He actually didn't like Mao. He's the first older person I've met that has said upfront they don't like him! (for a quick background of Mao for those of you who don't know, he was the founding father of communism and the people's republic of china. he also implemented numerous policies in china that ended with over 40 million people staving to death, as well as a revolution that took an unknown number of deaths, as well as a whole range of things.) The next person I talked to were these really pretty girls, 20 yrs old each. they were going to see Mao for the first time and were really excited. they said their parents and grandparents all love mao. they said that even though they know what history says mao did, they still believe their parents and family more, and their families have nothing but good things to say about him. so after an hour of standing in line (thank goodness it was gorgeous out) i finally got in. i was prolly inside the building for a total of 2 min at the most. mao is in this tiny room inside a glass box laying on his coffin bed thingy. he was glowing!! i don't remember if they use wax or something to preserve him but ya his skin was like glowing under the light. maybe its suppose to be that way, sort of like an ora or something. then just like that our out of the room and walking outside. but that was it. then i hopped straight in a cab and headed back home. got some lunch with colin, am writing this, and about to do a boatload of hw. the only problem i'm going to have is trying to stay awake. I'm sick as f*#$, but i'm on that edge where i'm sick, but alive. like i could either be knocked out for the next few days if things get slightly worse, or i'll be fine if they get slightly better. but for the first time my asthma has been acting up. i've been weezying and coughing quite a bit. i think, like i've been saying, i'm just exhausted. that combined with the air quality catching up to me prolly, and other things. i'm a mess. just gatta survive 2 1/2 more weeks tho and then i can take it easy!! its just going to be 2 1/2 weeks of hell is all. w/e, shit happens, over it. i'll just punch the virus in the face, end this shit once and for all. but aight, i'm audi. zaijian.

Oh and i have pics up of my lil trip. not much, some of the same old but up close. also a few pics of how polluted the tap water here is. mah, dad, remember i was telling you all of how bad things are here environmentally and how china can't hope to sustain itself economically if they don't change. well this one cup of water i took a picture of cuz you can see all the pollution, mostly metals, that's in china's water. and keep in mind this water is some of china's cleanest. not only are we in a city but in the capital. now imagine millions of people drinking this or worse on a daily basis. the chinese people are drinking poison. its f--ked up. i could rant on forever about the issues facing the country environmentally, and the first is the poisoning of their own citizens. ok, zaijian.