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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Dec 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapYEEAAAAHH BBOOYYY!! I think I may have just set a record for my program...the lowest score on a test ever! Nah I actually feel semi confident that I got higher than 60. Which would be about average. Now I have to go and type up 6-8 pages of my rough draft to my capstone project. That is due by 5pm tonight. I've already written it all out, I just need to type it. I'll prolly go down to the cafe here in a minute and bust that out. I'm suppose to meet with one of my professors later to interview him on Mao but I haven't heard from him yet. I'm really interested in hearing what he has to say because he was directly affected by Mao and Mao's policies. His father was in the Army and both parents are party members, but he chose not to be because he does't really like the government all that much. Otherwise I hope I go out tonight. We only have two weeks left here together so it would be nice to go out and have some fun. I think I already mentioned a few of us are going to see the Ming Tombs this weekend. I'm excited about that. I also have to work on a project with Tiffany this weekend because we need to have a presentation ready for Thursday and have yet to work on it. We'll be fine tho. I'm a great once I get started, and she's just great, so our greatness together will create a greatnificent presentation. (You like that...yeah, all me, I just made that up...PATENT THAT SHIT) But yeah things have been going ok. I was really sick this week and missed some classes but I'm much better now. I was just run down and exhausted. I rested up tho. Yesterday we had a great discussion in my Economics class on China's regulatory system for food safety and also China's growing climate problems. I wrote some discussion papers on both topics even though I didn't need to because I'm really into these issues and had a lot to say. Basically the entire class was the Professor Matt, Sarah, and Andre show, cuz basically, with minor interjections from others, Sarah and I were the only ones talking. But the discussion was really good and I learned some neat stuff. We also had a guest speaker, who sucked, but was nice to have for the discussion. I got to pick his brain a lil. He's actually from Minnesota. He lives about an hour north of St. Cloud and had been to Bemidji a number of times as a kid he said. I can't remember the town he's from tho for the life of me. He is a prime example tho of how a young, educated, and no work experience is not a hindrance in China as it is in America. After only a year of poking around here in China he got a job as the head of Sources for some America technological company here in China. So basically he negotiates trade between American and Chinese co. for short. But still, only 25, having a basic degree, and knowing Chinese got him a very high up job, which you would have to be 40's or 50's with a lot of experience in America to get a job like that. It just gives me assurance that if I strike out in Mei Gua (America...literal translation means Beautiful Land/Earth) I could easily get something in Zhong Gua (China...lit. means Middle/Center Land/Earth)...
haha so my teacher just knocked on my door...yeah totally got a 56. I suck. but it is a record as a side note. Always look for the good in any situation.
but ya i need to get a move on and do my paper. I'll update latah. Zaijian!