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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Dec 2009

Location: Beijing, China exactly two weeks i'll be all done with this semester. crazy thought. i talked about it a lot with a few of the guys this weekend. colin and i hung out with tom and brandon this weekend, which we haven't done in a long time. it was nice tho. saturday, after a long time walking around looking for the place we finally got to this club called bling. it was pretty bad ass, not gunna lie. very high end. then yesterday colin, tom and I went to the Tiantandongmen, (temple of heaven). that was nice, very beautiful, and alot of cultural things to see. there was this entire walkway filled with people playing cards, singing, dancing, playing music on traditional instruments. most of the people were old, so retired. it was very cool to watch them tho. saturday our organization went to this famous art district in beijing but i didn't go with them. instead i spent 5-6 straight hours doing language homework. i did another 3-4 last night. i couldn't sleep for the hell of me tho last night. i prolly dosed off, after a few sleeping pills, around 4 or 5 am. it sucked. just a lot on my mind i guess. this semester has opened my eyes and mind to soo many things. its also gone by so fast for me, doesn't seem like 4 months. but i got a lot of work to do these next couple of weeks. on top of language, which we are cramming in 3 more chapters before the final next week, i have a presentation in econ this thursday with tiffany. i have my capstone presentation and paper due next week. i also have a paper for film that has to be at least 10 pages. so three big projects/papers and then a mountain high pile of language to catch up with/stay up with, i mean this mountain would make everest piss its pants. but i'm going to try and take advantage of not having sociology today to do some work. i have to get my econ project out of the way, then i'll hit up the language. these other classes i must say, as really really kool as they are, i mean i'm really glad i took them, but they really do get in the way of language quite a bit. but that's all. this weekend i will go to ming tombs with everyone. maybe some other places as well. but i'll let cha know. zaijian