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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Dec 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapOOHHH BOY!! What an exciting and fun filled day i've been having. how have you all been? since i'm typing on the computer and you can't pick up tones, tho some of you will know, i'm being sarcastic as f--k. today sucks. yesterday was good... albeit long, but good. class went pretty smooth, the usual i suck so the teacher just ignores me deal. i was prepared more so for yesterdays class then any other in a long time tho which helped a tad bit. After class I went and got some meat on sticks with Collen, and man were they good. Collen and I then went to Calligraphy class where we learned a really ancient way writing our names. That was cool. I sucked really bad at it but with some practice I think I could get it down. Then we all went on a field trip to AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing). It's a non-profit organization that organizes and deals with all the american companies and members in china. it was basically a seminar on job hunting and internships in china. it was very informational and i had a great time. i took a lot of notes and asked a bunch of questions. the job market here for american's is very good. it may take you some time to land a job, but once you get one its normally a good one and then its only straight up fast from there. like the people giving us the speech and stuff were in their twenties and working as directors and stuff for AMCHAM. For the equal position in the states you'd have to be very experienced, and older. so my future looks promising in one way or another. i mean granted, the side effect is that you don't paid near as much as you would in america, but you'll get paid way more than your chinese counterparts, and its sooo much cheaper to live here then in america. i'm also thinking of applying for their's, as well as some of their member's internships. it would be an amazing way to get connected here. that was basically the main theme to the whole meeting as well. connections. its imperative that you have connections in china, otherwise things will be very hard. i'm actually glad i've met some of the people i have here so far but doing an internship would be really good. idk, lots to ponder.
on a side note, it took us almost 2 hours to get home from that meeting tho. traffic was horrible and we left at rush hour. that drained the hell outta me. i ended up crashing. when we got back i went and ate with a few of the girls then met up with tonya. she helped me with some of the presents i'm giving for a few peeps. its nothing big, costs nothing, but i think they will all like it. once that was over i came back to my room and worked on my econ presentation for a while until i met up with tiff to go over things. we are going to meet again tonight to finalize things and rehearse our speech. but we didn't finish that up till 1130-1145. so by the time i got back to my room it was almost midnight. collen was going bed and i was wiped out, or so i thought. so after an hour or so of lying in bed i decided that there was no way in hell i was getting to bed so i got up and caught up on Glee. i did some notecards as well. but i didn't fall asleep till around 5. woke up at 830 and hated the world.
so class was horrendous. i'm just glad i wasn't the only one today. but at one point i must have dosed off, but i didn't really get in trouble cuz i woke up to the teacher yelling for everyone to wake up. when i opened my eyes there was only 1 girl awake and paying attention, the other 3 kids all had their heads on the desk. she then asked us a stupid question which led to a good 20 min vent by all us students. she asked, "why don't you guys get enough sleep, you should go to bed earlier." we, as kindly as possible, stated that with the amount of homework we get its impossible to sleep. i mean take my situation for instance. i have a response paper due today for film, a presentation for econ tomorrow, 30+new vocab words i'm suppose to know for tomorrows language class-as well as two worksheets and not to mention the workbook that we have too do for friday. monday or tuesday our capstone 15 page paper/presentations are due. wednesday my 12-15 page film paper is due, and i still need to watch this one movie to do it. then next thursday i have a placement language test, followed by the actual final on friday. this is all taking into account the 2 chapters we are cramming in between tomorrow and next wednesday. that leaves no time at all for review for the final because up till the day before our exam we are still learning new material. and any spare time will be dedicated to finishing our other stuff...its insane. i'm going insane. unlike most kids in my program i can deal with the being in china thing, in fact i love it hear, but i'm just fed up and done with school. like i've said before, i've studied more this semester than i have my entire college career. i'd bet my non existent money on it. and i'm still not even close to the level i should be.....1 1/2 more weeks. i'll get through it, but i might not be sane anymore.
oh and then the icing on the top, my teacher told me their is a chance i might fail her course altogether. she said my attendance (which i had it out with her over. if you know me you know how i feel about attendance policies when i'm paying them) as well as my test scores are not good and will hurt me. i told her it would be bull f--kin shit and i'd not be a happy camper if that happened. my daily quizzes are always good. i participate in class. i do my homework, granted late normally, but i get it done. and up till about 3 weeks ago my bi-weekly quizzes weren't bad either. i said she's been learning english for over 15 years and still has quite a bit of trouble so she needs to lay the f--k off. i've been doing this for 4 months and by next week will be learning what students who have been taking language for 2 1/2 years have learned. so that was not fun for me and i was prolly a little harsher than i should have been with her but she hit the wrong buttons. you all know i have great patience and can normally take a lot before i explode. think my hand. but i'm really trying the best i can to not ruin another hand if you get the pun.
aahhhh.... i'm just stressed up the waaazzzuuu and don't really know how to handle it. i've never been a person who has gotten stressed before, so this is new territory for me. i think its good for me but f--k. i just need next friday to come. i'll be sooo much better once this school shit is over. and i've decided not to take so many classes next semester. in fact i'm going to bust out all my papers and everything right away since the class structures will be the same so i know what i will have to do. that way towards the end of the semester when i'm learning newer and harder things i'll be able to focus more on language. also it will help me to have a chinese roommate who i can talk to chinese with all the time. being around a lot of english speakers and never really talking chinese i'm sure hasn't helped. i mean we are suppose to have taken a language pledge and are only suppose to speak chinese from 9-3 everyday, but that doesn't happen. no one follows that anymore. i'll have a much firmer grasp on things next semester, won't have culture shock, won't have as much as a language barrier, and will have an idea of what to expect in class. this semester was a hard lesson to learn but great preparation for the future.
well with that i'm going to go eat. i could go on forever. i should write a book, i have a lot to say about everything in general. zaijian!