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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Dec 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapSo today was a good day overall. Collin gave me some ambien last night so i sleep for a very long time. It was very needed. I hadn't really slept all the much for the past week so I was out. In fact I over slept my alarm by 2 hours and was 45min late for class. My teacher didn't mind tho, she understood. It was also Wang laoshi, not Guo laoshi. Class was very quick and very easy. Wang laoshi likes to play a lot of games, so while the games can be very annoying they go by fast. We also had her for all three hours today, so it went by very fast. She is also very manipulative, so we peer pressured her into letting us out early today. Then I got lunch with Collin. After that I went to Econ class. We had our presentations today. I presented with Tiff on the CIC, or Chinese Investment Co. It's China's sovereign wealth fund which has over $300 Billion in US dollars. Not too shabby. Some of the presentations were torture to listen too tho. Doloria and Jasmine literally printed off sheets from their topics web site and read EVERYTHING on them. It was brutal. but our teacher, Matt Ferchen, or as we call him, Ferch doggg (ya three g's), made the night better. He invited anyone who wanted to go to get pizza and beers. So Mike, Brandon and I went out. We ended up spending almost 6 hours out. The night was ok at first, good conversations and such. Matt bought four pizzas and two rounds of beers. it was kinda that awkward, I'm out with my teacher thing at first, but then Matt totally broke the ice. We were sitting there, done eating and drinking and were all just talking until he said, "Well guys I'd love to stay and chat but...(at this point we were all kinda getting up and grabbing our stuff to leave until he finished his sentence)...we are in a bar w/o beers in our hands so what do you say we order another round?" So the night officially started then. It was already fun but really turned into a great night at that point. It turned into a lot of great convo's. He even challenged me to a game of girl pick up i'll call it. basically there was a cute girl in the bar and didn't thing i could get a number....please, you all know i get those digits quick. It was pretty funny tho. I then turned the game around and gave the number to Brandon and dared him to call her pretending he was me. I don't know if he will do it but that would be awesome. That was about it. I then came back to my room and had to correct a few essays for work. They were suppose to be in a few hours ago so I hired Collin to correct one for me. Well actually 2/3 of one and told him i'd give him 60 kuai. Bastard was haggling with me. He's been in China for too long. Used to haggling for everything. But that's it. Tomorrow morning we have the best calligrapher in china coming to give a speech. i actually don't know what about, but that should be kool tho. then a bunch of us are going to the silk market for some last min shopping. so if ya want anything nice and cheap let me know asap. anything you could think of of wanting for a present is here in china and is unbelievably cheaper. but i believe that's all folks. zaijian.