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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Dec 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapYeah Buoy!! Today's been good. My stress level is manageable. I've mostly been occupying myself with great music and an upbeat feeling on things. Plus I just had my last calligraphy class today. It was fun! It as just Colin and I again and since our teacher really likes us he wrote us some sayings on really nice paper, signed it, and dedicated it to us. we each got one. they are pimp, and having his signature on them makes them worth lots of dough. then he also gave me another piece he did. I had Colin tell him that next time I see him I'll speak good Chinese and be able to talk to him. So he wiped out this piece of work he'd done that says voice of a tiger, and said next time he sees me i'll have the voice of a tiger and be able to speak with him. It was kool man!! plus we got pics together. He's a weird dude but kool shit. then in class today we did review which was fine. most of the time i did my own review and learned a nice stack of note cards. i still have a lot more to go but i'm feeling good so i'm hoping i can bust a bunch of them out over the course of the day. tonight Colin and I's language partners are treating us to dinner. That should be fun. Oh and Tonya got me earrings!!! When I told her earlier this year that I've had the same pair of earrings for 2 years and have never taken them out she didn't like that. So she got me some really nice and expensive earrings. I wasn't happy that she spend so much on me but I really do like em. I'll take a pic with em in so you all can see em. umm...oh and I finished my capstone, my 12-15 page paper. It turned out to be 16 pages and i left a lot out. It was my paper on Mao for those who forgot. If ya wanna read it let me know and i'll send you it. It's really interesting stuff...well to me. Now I have to present it. Thursday is going to be hell day for me. I have a language placement test, followed by one on one oral interviews as part of our test, then my econ final, then my capstone presentation, then study all night for the language final in the morning Friday. So i'm just going to go eat, study some vocab, and not thing about the rest of the week. So zaijian!!