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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Dec 2009

Location: Beijing, China

MapI PASSED I PASSED I PASSED!!!! Granted I got a 70 on my final but hey, its no 58. But that was enough to pass me. I have a picture of my diploma certificate up. It was cool beans. I also won a prize for a picture I took. Graduation was pretty cool, not the worst thing to happen. Zhang Laoshi, the Calligraphy teacher came to see Colin and I graduate. It was nice. Every teacher got a thing of flowers, so Colin and I surprised him with some. He wasn't expecting anything since he's not one of the main language teachers. Colin took a pic of me receiving my certificate so that's up too. Ya, I was happy as hell. I did luck out however. I gambled, knowing I wouldn't know all the material, I decided to study two chapters in depth, banking on getting one of them for my oral test....YA it totally paid off. Those were the exact two sections on the oral test so I nailed it. I also got a 20 on my placement exam, but that isn't really all that bad i'm told. Two other girls placed in the 20's as well, higher 20's, but still not that far off. That just means, if i study over break and don't lose any knowledge I'd be able to test into the second level for Xi'an. We will see tho. I'm still not sure whether I would want to jump up into the level two, where I would be learning all new things, and it'll be harder, or if I wouldn't want to cover level one again and really get everything down pact since I know I don't know all the things i'm suppose too. Not even just vocab, but grammar patterns. Those i'm really bad at. Plus my oral speaking and listening suck. I was told the reading parts on my final I all but aced which saved me, but my listening part I bombed. Like I said, I lucked out on the speaking part. Well, I just have to write an essay today and then I'm all done for good with school work. Vacation time tonight. It's also the last night everyone in the program will be here. Should be fun, but knowing the group, everyone will still make their own plans and we will all get broken up quick. Story of the semester. but, that's all. Zaijian!