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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Dec 2009

MapWell its all over. Beijing semester has ended and everyone has gone home. The last few days were rather uneventful, unlike I thought they might have been. I went out for some beers with the guys and Caitrian on Friday night. That was nice. Just a chill night. Hey Sas I taught them the drunk driver game. Worked like a charm. Saturday was just a chill day. Mostly packed. Colin and I hit the Wodaoku market for some last min gift shopping. I went out to eat with a Chinese friend for the last time and gave my language partner her gift. It was a card with RMB 400 in it. I told her she could only open it on Christmas morning tho. They don't celebrate Christmas since its a Christian holiday, but she agreed for my sakes to wait till Christmas. She will be very shocked and overwhelmed, which is half the reason why I told her to wait. That way she couldn't try to give it back to me because she would have. After shopping I took a nap since Friday was a long day with test, graduation, and then out all night. After my nap Colin and I packed for the rest of the night. Then passed out. Sunday we went to all our favorite restaurants and I ate wwaayy to much. So much so that I got sick, either that or something I ate wasn't cooked enough. So Sunday night I spend most the night in bed dieing. Monday we all said goodbye and parted ways. Now I've been traveling for over 23 hours and ready to get to my final destination. I'm going to go and do some work tho, I can't sleep. So i'll update when I get settled in. Peace!!