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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Jan 2010

MapWell it starts again. I'm back in Beijing! I've been here for a few days but leave tonight on an overnight train to Xi'an. Honestly the last few days have been just as things were before...just a new roommate. No Colin but cool kid from Jersey. In Xi'an I will have a Chinese roommate. I should meet him tomorrow since thats when I will be moving into the dorm. But I live in the same dorm now, just one floor up from where I was last time. Weather is the same, people are the same. Same food. I've hit up all my old favorite places already. Right now i'm sitting in the cafe waiting to check outta the dorm. We check out in an hour then head off to the Great Wall for the day. We will go there and then come back, grab our stuff, and then go to the train station. I think its like a 12 hour train ride. Something like that. Gunna suck ass but oh well. As homesick, and Alp sick as I am, I'm really excited for this semester. All said and done I will travel the entire country East to West. Obviously I am in Beijing now, just about all the way East you can be. On my travels with the program during out Silk Road trip we will be about 5 hours from the Pakistan/Kazakhstan boarder. We will go to the Tibetan Plateau, Inner Mongolia, and lots more. I'm really excited. Its going to be quite the experience. During our trip to Tibet we will be there for this Buddhist Festival. I've heard of it before, its rare to see it, so I'm really really really excited to see that. It will be quite the cultural experience. I think I will back in beginner Chinese again for language. When i left Beijing I scored a 20 on my exit exam which could have gotten me outta beginner, but they changed the test and made it harder so I didn't do so well this time. I was only able to answer a few questions. Kinda sucks, but at the same time it will be very beneficial for me retake it and learn it down solid. It's honestly the best course of action for me. Well thats all that is on my mind at the moment. I will update when I get settled into Xi'an. Zaijian!