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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Jan 2010

Location: Xi'an, China

MapSo i've been in Xi'an for a few days now. Its nice. So far I like it a lot. It is a lot smaller than Beijing and really has an authentic feel to it. Unlike Beijing which is the capital and one of the first places they are modernizing. This city is about 6 million people but they def live the traditional lifestyle. There isn't even a subway system (yet). So its nice, its what I wanted and was expecting. I'm going to have a great time. For a historian studying Chinese culture Xi'an is the place to be. Its the cradle of Chinese civilization and one of the oldest cities in China. I'm excited to explore. The smog is worst than Beijing, and the city is a lot dirtier but i'm over it. My current dorm is extremely filthy and moldy, but i'm over it. We are moving into brand new suites next week so that will be nice when we do that. I've already tried some of the local street food and its amazing. Way better than Beijing. I'm excited to see what else there is to offer. There is this giant outdoor market and street that is just vibrant with life. Its not a tourist trap like it would be in Beijing. In fact I get stared at lot here. Its getting to the point where its a little bit ridiculous. Like today I went to the gym and the entire time I would have people walking near me or standing there staring at me. A bit annoying and boarder line creepy. But what can you do? I'm just better looking than them is all. They are jealous is all. But classes started as well. I'm in intermediate Chinese which is ok. Its going to be a little bit of review at first which I desperately need. I think as long as I catch up and stay with the class now I will be ok. We will see. Staying positive. I think this semester is my semester. There are also a lot less detractions. The city is smaller so less clubs and bars. Things are more spread out and it will take a while to get to the club district. I'm going to limit myself to once a week at first and see how it goes. I did a bit too much of that last semester so time to tone it down. This is my semester to really focus and I really wanna nail this Chinese shit so time to step it up. Speaking of which, its time for me to get off here and do some studying. Zaijian.