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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jan 2010

Location: Xi'an

MapSame ol' shit, just another day. Classroom was freezing, ADD kicking in, teacher sucks. On a good note I went to lunch at this nice lil chinese pizza place. Food was rather good and pretty cheap. You normally don't find the words pizza, cheap, and good in a sentence here but it came true today. I have a lot of homework to do tonight. I didn't do all my homework over the weekend so I have to catch up on that as well as do tonights. One thing I do like about this semester and the way classes are going is one of the homework assignments I have every night. I am suppose to make a paragraph or make sentences using the vocab from the days lesson. This will get me to write out more sentences and practice saying things with actual content. My biggest problem is speaking, I can't get down the grammar patterns and sentence structures so I always say things out of order, or the sentence will just simply not make any sense. I know quite a bit of vocab, I just can't use it. This homework will help me but things together as well as practice the vocab I do know. Apply is the word I guess I'm looking for. So as of right now its really tough for me to do this homework. It takes me a real long time, and my sentences are short and simple, but I think over time things will get better. That's about all the some what good news I got at the moment. Other than that life sucks and I'm having a hard time here. Too much stuff going on back home that i'm worried about. Its amazing how doing something good for yourself, like studying and living in another country, can ultimately come back to haunt you. I hope this doesn't turn out that way. Trying to stay positive. learned a new way to say bye today. man3 zou3. basically means take care. pronounce it "mon joe" man zou.