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Dre J.’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Jan 2010

Location: Xi'an, China

MapSo sorry I haven't been doing a good job this semester keeping you all up to date. i've been doing a lot of updating on my life but off here and with the people closest to me. Lots of things have been going on here, back home, and in my brain. So i've been doing a lot of working these things out, plus trying to stay ahead in class so i've been busy. i'll start with school/China. It sucks. next topic....nah for realz tho it does suck at the moment. i'm trying to stay positive but things aren't the greatest at the moment. nothing is really new new anymore to me so all the cool, exciting first moments are gone. so we go on these trips to markets and such and they are just big tourist traps so i'm like...ehh, w/e. also i've been in China for 5 months so i'm kinda in the f--k China mode. I think things will get better once i give it some more time and the weather gets better but right now its no fun. we are living in this hotel that is the worst place i've ever stayed in. its not unlivable so i'm sucking it up but still not fun. our dorms were suppose to be ready this past weekend but as of now we still won't get into them until at least later next week. which means crappy rooms, no heat, mold, and no internet for another week or more. then its not brutally cold out, but its at that temp where your either kinda cold or a lil too warm. so as of right now i'm sitting in my classroom with a tshirt, a thermo, a sweatshirt, a vest, gloves and a winter hat...and i'm a bit chilly still. so its just miserable. every morning for three hours i have to sit in the cold and try to pay attention. not happening. and then there is class itself. the inner lazy ass in my wants to say nothing and keep things how they are because class is literally a big f--king joke and a giant waste of 3 f--king hours. real talk, we repeat the vocab for the day for 2 f--king hours. sorry for the language but its frustrating. i was doing good with studying up until a few days ago when i decided that i didn't need to study because we aren't actually required to memorize or do anything. i shouldn't say i stopped studying because i didn't. but the last few nights i've slacked a bit. i've been trying to study harder if anything because of the lack of learning i'm doing in class. i'm spending 12g's a semester here, i want to learn this shit and i want my teachers to actually f--king teach something. so anyways i'm talking to omar tomorrow about it. i'm not the only one in my class that feels this way. everyone thinks what we are doing is a joke and that we need to be challenged more if we are ever going to learn anything. but ya, i think once we get into our actual dorms so that i can actually unpack that will start the warming process for me. its just as of now if i want internet i have to go to the cafe which is only 5 min away but you still have to pack all your shit and go there. then you feel like you have stay for while since you don't want to go back and forth and then you end up eating there which is kinda expensive. also, the hotel doesn't have fridges or microwaves or anything like that so you can't really bring food back. meaning you have to go out for every meal. and then like i said, most of my shit is still packed so it will be nice to stop living from a suitcase. also, once it gets warmer things will be better too. i'll be able to get out more, and actually want to get out more. until then i'm just gunna try my hardest to keep my head up and get through this ish. keep up on studying and just try my best to learn this ish to the best of my ability.
then there is a whole list of crap back home in the states that has been on my mind but i wont go into that on here. the people it matters too know so thats good enough for me. things are working out tho for the most part. or they will...for the most part. but until next zao, zaijian!