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Rach n Lol’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Nov 2009

Location: Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

MapHi All,

I just wrote a really long entry for this day then it lost it so i will try and re-write as best as i can - dam internet cafes!

Well today was the most exhausting yet rewarding day of our lives. Today was our junmgle trek to find the worlds biggest flower, we had seen pictures of it and it seriously was big, big enough to get a whole family behind it. Well im not sure if i explained but Cameron Highlands is lietrally in the clouds and it is is cold, maybe nmot by home standards but after the 37 degree heat we came from it was rain macks and jeans for the first time!
Well it was an early start for the group and we first met up with the aborigines who taught us how to hunt with snake poison darts (i was not feeling greatly confident at this point that i wasn't going to be eaten by a tiger or something and even less confident that one little dart would stop it from doing it) but anyway Lauren had some target practice all the same.
Well then the heavens opemned, unbelieveable a months rain in one morning, even the 4x4's weren't going up this mountain! After the first 5/10 minutes at least three of the group had taken their first tumble. I need to try and explan how bad the conditions were but it won't be put inot words. The mud was so deep and dnagerous that every step meant either sliding so dangerously near to the cliff edge or falling down deep pot holes to your death. Youi may think it can't be that bad, but they stopped the jeeps going up so if they can't do it don't know how were were supposed to. The rain continued all the way to the top our 45 min trek turning into just short of three hours! Well we found the god sorsaken SMALL flower, we were all exhausted and not impressed, some of us couldn't even take a picture of it lol! After alot of swearing and cursing of the tour guide we shared a pack of biscuits for energy before stating to get back donw the moutain ASAP as there seemed to be a storm coming in!
Well the trip down was even more dangerous than the one up, Lauren opted for no shoes and bum most of the way down and i had my fav jeans on (note to self don't wear DKNY jeans up a mountain) so i tried to stay upright but to no avail. All the falls were funny of course but they were seriously dangerous, at one point Priya nearly actauly fell off the cliff. Well my Primarni shoes did me well until i had a fight with a big piece of bamboo that pieced through my shoe and into my foot, they had done me proud! But we all battled through to the bottom with endless falls and removal of leaches off our ankles and feet! We all laughed at the bottom but some of us had real bad injuries, then the tour guide decided it wasn't safe for us to of done it REALLY!! WOULD NEVER OF GUESSED!! He then took us to the tea plantation where no one wanted to go because we were caked in mud and so cold from the rain....
We had a few beers that night to say the least - we deserved it and it was a massive achievement, the flower i can't safely say was not worth it (i have seen bigger sunflowers!) but hey we did it and lived to tell the tale.
Well just i couldn't walk for the next 2 days lol