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Rach n Lol’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Nov 2009

Location: Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

MapWe had left the horrible moutain and took the public bus (which was surprisingly nice) to the capital of Malaysia. The heat immediatley hit us once more as we dragged our backpacks from the bus station to our hotel, which was surprisingly ok.
The rest of the afternoon we went to the shopping centre and had a mouch about, trying to sort Laurens camera out and a visit to Borders (books running low) i have been recommedned a book to read about life and how to look at differently so i bought it and i haven't put it down since, a must read!
Well KL or Kuala Lumpar isn't as big as i expected, or as high rise, but beautiful all the same. We went to the night market that night and then onto a bar for food and drinks we were all suffering from the day before so minimum walking was what we all opted for!
Day 2 in KL we did the typical tourist Hop on Bus and it was the best way to see everything in such a short period of time! In the afternoon we went to the Theme park in the Shopping centre which we thought was going to be a bit amature but we both felt sick as a dog afterwards lol!
That night we all went for dinner and drinks in the Golden Triangle and went to see the KL towers and practiced our photography skills, for those of you that don't know they are the ones out of Entrapment, but we will add the pics so that you can see!
Had a great night out with the group! We went to the Reggae bar a famous bar which we danced and drank until the early hours! Full of Travellers so not very cultural lol!
One of the group lost her Grandad that day though so it was horrible and she was so far away from home :(

KL is lovely though, probably the nicest part of Malaysia so far xxx