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Rach n Lol’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 08 Nov 2009

Location: Melaka, Malaysia

MapWell, Melaka was our next stop down the coast of Malaysia, it is quite a quaint area with a traditional chinese market and has a lot of UK history there as Malaysia used to be part of the commonwelth. We didn't arrive until the afternoon so dropped our bags and headed for lunch followed by China Town! In the evening we went on the most boring boat trip down the river know to man he bored me for half an hour saying goodbye in every language in the world (some i had never heard of) but it was fun all the same and this place too was featured in the film Entrapment alot.
After we got Laurne the nicest Australian Steak (she had been craving steak for so long) and it was massive, a whole cow and yet so cheap so sod it hey lol! Well another early start in the morning heading for out final destination....Sinagapore..... xxxx