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Rach n Lol’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Nov 2009

Location: Singapore, Singapore

MapHi All,

Well we leave Singapore this afternoon for our flight to AUSTRALIA!! Not too excited as you may tell!! Well we have been in Sinagpore for the last 5 days and been proper tourists lol! Thi place is soooo nice but so expensive, a bit out of reach of us travellers... apart from the 2 4 1 wine bar accross the road which is a bonus! Well the Hostel with shared dorms was not that bad, and it turned out we did have our own bathroom which it said we didn't, apparently The Hangout is like a 5 Star Backpackers place so i think it will be down on in from now on then... The internet is free but your not allowed to upload pics so i will do the rest of the tour and Singapore when we get somewhere we can! Anyway we went and visitied Sentosa which is the most SOuthern point of Asia where it is like Singapores Universal Studios (well it will be next year) so we had a fun filled day of rides and Sedgeways! And Luges (felt good to be back driving again lol) but you will have to see the pictures. Comical though as we were wearing Ponchos all day as its been throwing it down pretty much since we got here... still humid though so wardrobe decisions are a drag...
Last night at the hostel met a great group opf people and chatted rubbish about eachothers lives for hours before i went and woke up the really loud morning girl in our dorm - revenge is swwweeeetttt..... Anyways we are waiting for time to pass so our next adventure can begin about tomorrow time ha!!

Well bye for now, catch you in Australia Mate!! Do ya dogs bite xxx