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Rach n Lol’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 15 Nov 2009

Location: Cairns, Australia

MapHi All,

Well firstly sorry for the delay but just been having too much fun to be writing in internet cafes lol! I will try and do this all as best as i can but there has been a lot of drinking to prevent my memory..

Well our first night in Cairns went down as one to remember i will be brief but there was a near arrest (Rachel) won't go into what for.... a lot of drinking and being thrown out of hostel lol! But all in aid of good nights drinking!! Met some wicked people that night and we have stayed with them and in touch since.

So after two night son the lash in Cairns and trying to pick our sore heads back up off the floor we went to Cape Tribulation for two nights. Bascially there is no civilsation there your in the rainforest and there are only a two hostels or so and no PHONE SIGNAL it was weird.... Amazing little place again meeting an amzing group of people and drinking in PKs Jungle village until the early hours! I went Horse riding there and galloped on abeach! So amazing i never thought it would be that good and was so good to ride again - mother i may have to buy a horse again lol on my ranch i buy in Australia though so thats all good.

Well Cape Trib was beautiful and we went to see where the Infamous Steve Irwin was killed on the way back down and we are both smiling on the photos which we thought afterwards was abit wrong??!

Well we had one more big night in Cairns before we left on the Oz Experiemce party bus heading south to Mission Beach!!

I am going to write in bits so the comp dont crash on me as it usually does... back in a mo jo....