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Rach n Lol’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Nov 2009

Location: Mission Beach, Australia

MapHi Again,

Well the Oz Experience bus was an experience, we stopped at an Crocodile farm on the way which the guy who does it is set to be the next Steve Urwin so like a proper traveller and groupie i got a picture with him lol! Well Mission Beach we wer eonly supposed to stay 2 nights but stayed 4 because it was so good! We stayed at Absoulute Backpackers and it ius the nicest hostel we have stayed in, it remined me alot of Forest Gumps house, have a look at the pictures...

Well we met some great people there, namely the workers and the guys from Cairns came and met us. It was so chilled there, drinking goon until the sun came up and having chicken nugget challenges (60 nuggets, 60 mins - Lauren did 6 - good going gal lol). And yes of course Mission was the home of the infamous SKY DIVE!!! It took us all days drinking to book it for the next day and we woke up with the worst hangover ever! I was pretty bad before we left on the bus and Lauren was chilled, but then the roles reversed, i think it was the adrenaline, the most amazing thing i have ever done, seriously that feeling is just incredible! Well i went 2nd and Lauren 4th, she said it was strange to see me jump from a plane which it was me the first guy and i didnt even know him.... but OMG the views over the great barrier reef was just incredible, when the parachute was up you could see dolphins and turtles swimming.... they let us drive the parachute too doing twsists and turns until our safe landing. So excited to show you all the DVD!!

We did then leave Mission and we both sat on the bus gutted, met the most amazing people and hate goodbyes, seems like they keep coming no matter where we go :( xxxx