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Rach n Lol’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Dec 2009

Location: Fraser Island, Australasia

MapHi All,

Yet again a lot to catch up on. Well after Airlie we headed to Kroombit for a compulsory stop on the bus. Basically its a cattle ranch where you spend the night dressed up as cowboys ride bulls and heard goats, and guess what drink alot lol! Well we all dressed up and there was about 70 of us on the ranch, we had comptetions between the north and the south bound buses on the mechanical bull and tugs of war and drank until the ealry hours pretending to be cowgirls - a lot of fun and alot of drink (for a change).
Well the next morning we were woken up at 5.30 by a motorbike reving outside our stable that we were staying in to get us to go goat hearding and branding. I found it hard to cope with throwing a goat on its back at 6 in the morning to put a hot rod on its back so i let lauren and Neena do it lol!
All good fun and one of the best things that Oz Experience makes us do lol.!

After Kroombit its off to Hervey Bay for one night before we left for Fraser Island. Fraser is the largest sand isalnd in the world and made completley out of sand so there is no getting a away from it. We had a group of 8 in a 4x4 and bascially offraoded dangerously aorund the island. On the first day we found out our 4 wheel drive was knackered and ultimatley got bogged down - this would of been all good if we werent in the middle of a busy interestion blocking traffic lol. Well after a long and stressful day we decided to make the most of a bad situation and cook a bbq in the middle of the road lol which was gorgeous! Well we got fixed and got to our camp on the beach as thr sun was going down, we had to race to get the tents up and start the camp fire and drinking games, Fraser had the best view of stars i have ever seen, we laid on our backs with our cups of goon and took in the amazing sights.!

The next day we were back on the road again and all sorted. We went to Indian Head, the Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek and a massive lake which i forgot the name. Driving on the beach is so hard, its a good job we had 2 lads that sorted us out. Day 3 we went to Lake Mckenzie, the most beautiful place i have seen, its up there with the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, breathtaking.

Fraser was an amazing experience and i think the breakdown made our group so close, how to deal with a crisis, its up there with the best experiences of our lives, one we will never forget xxx