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Vanesa/ Nicole’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Nov 2009

Location: Whitianga, New Zealand

Map“Did you hear something out the ordinary last night?” the gentlemen from upstairs asked us this morning.

“We hear lots of weird noises. Why, what happened?” we replied.

“Do you notice anything missing?”


“Do you remember the sculpture of the egg that was sitting over there on the lawn?”

“Oh Yeah!”

“Well you see, last night someone stole that $2000 sculpture from the cafe.”

“Who would do such a thing?”

“There were two men here earlier in the day eyeing the sculpture. When Paul came outside to see what they were doing, they quickly jumped into their car and sped off. It must have been them who came back. Man, they were quiet though. They came through the garden, see the footprints?”

So this is how our morning began. Can’t you tell from that it was going to be an eventful day?

What are we going to do on our day off? Sea Cave Adventure, that sounds interesting! Sounds like just the adventure we need. Phone call made, trip booked, and we make our way to the wharf for the 1:30 departure. We arrive at the boat to find out that we are the only people booked for this tour. Alright, boat to ourselves! As we are getting ready to leave the tour guide makes an offer we couldn’t refuse. Apparently there were also only two people booked on the 3:30 outing. If we wanted to wait and come back then, he would give us half price tickets. Half price tickets, we like the sound of that! Done and done. After our normal routine in town bank, post office, and coffee we returned to the wharf ready for action. The clouds parted, the wind calmed, we strapped on our lifejackets and are ready to roll.
After about 15 minutes in the boat the tour guide announces that to your left you will see Cathedral Cove. Cathedral Cove, the place that took us 3 hours to walk to on Vanesa’s Birthday was only a 15 minute boat ride away. Man, we need to use this mode of transportation more often it is much faster than walking.

As we passed Shakespeare’s Cliff the tour guide pointed out the rock cuts that were shaped like a face. Apparently Captain Cook, the founder of New Zealand saw this cliff and decided to name it after Shakespeare. After a couple of minutes of looking at the rock Vanesa asks Nicole if she can see the face. Nicole’s response was “Well I am trying to picture what Shakespeare looks like and I cannot see his face in this rock.” After a couple more minutes of laughing Vanesa responded with “Don’t picture what Shakespeare looks like, just try and look for facial features in the rock cuts. I will show you in the picture that I took when we get home.”

The rest of the tour took us to see Hahei beach, some rich guys holiday home, and in and out of some spectacular sea caves. While looking at some fish, Nicole almost became one of them. She decided that she needed a closer look and almost went “MAN OVERBOARD.” Man that would have been fun to say, and entertaining to watch. The boat ride back was cold and bumpy, but we made without a glitch. We are currently working on our next adventure. It appears that the guys next door are expert diving instructors and have offered to take us out one day. That one day could be next week if the weather is nice. We just better watch out for those sharks!