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nic’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Dec 2009

Location: Vancouver, Canada

MapWell, starts in games and ends in tears!!

Finally, I got to the snow! I went to Grouse Mountain, Vancouver to spend the day skiing. I knew it was oing to be fun- it was snowing in North Vancouver before I even got to the skyride to get up the mountain!

Anyway, I'd booked in for a 2 hour lesson as it had been a while. It was so pretty up the mountain, it was snowing!! A truly beautiful part of the world. visability wasn't great so no spectacular views of vancouver and beyond but it was so white and pretty I didn't care.

Thomas, my trusty instructor was lots of fun. We had worked on the smaller slopes first to get me warmed up and going and so he could 'test' were I was at. I was feeling good. Was laughing and having lots of fun.

we headed over to another slope and all things were going pretty well. That was until we were nearly at the bottom. My skis went one way and I went the other and came a gutser. (we were so close to the bottom that if i hadn't fallen I would've ended up tangled in the safety mesh near the quad chairlift!) I knew as soon as I realised what had happened that I wouldn't be skiing anymore. I was in a fair bit of pain and couldn't put any weight on my knee so we had to wait for the snow mobile. how embarrassing! I had to get taken back to the skyride on the snow mobile, well didn't really have a choice! then had an ambulance ride from the base of the mountainn to the hospital. I must say, canadian emergency facilities are far superior to Australians hospitals. they have 'bays/areas' depending on your ailments- I was obviously in the broken bits place- lots of ankle sprains (snow & ice on the footpaths), wrists of snowboarders etc. I didn't have to wait long to see the dr and was sent for an xray, didn't have to wait long there either. was taken pretty much straight back to the bay I was in in emergency and was probably only 20 minutes later the dr came with the results of the xrays- no broken bits! yey! but ligament damage (acl, medial and patella tendon), won't really know til the pain subsides as to whether there is more extensive damage- will have to see the dr back in aus in january. Lol, and there must've been something strange happening in the universe- dr said I was the 4th 'Nicole' they had had through that part of emergency!!!! So they had to refer to us by our surnames so as to not confuse us!

So there endeth anymore winter activities! No more skiing this trip and ice skating will probably be out too! So I'm bummed about that :( Will spend the next few days resting and hopefully won't need the crutches for too much longer. I didn't think that there was that much swelling til I had a look this morning and took the photos cause its hard to look down and judge on your own legs! Judge for yourselves, but I definately have elephantitis of the left leg!

So bummer hey! At least i did it skiing- not falling down the gutter,tripping on cobblestones, slipping on ice on the footpath, tripping down an escalator in the shopping mall or slipping out of the bath! All of these were potential hazards anywhere on my trip!

Hope you're all feeling sorry for me! But I'm sure I'll find lots to do!!

So you all be careful and take care!! xx