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George & Evie’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Oct 2009

Location: Los Angeles, USA

MapDAY 9 & 10
hi to everyone, yesterday we drove from San Diego back to LA. We are staying in downtown LA this time. A little difficult to find the hotel but we got there in the end. Thank goodness for the GPS navigation, i dont know if we would have made it with a map the roads go in all directions at once.
we checked in and went for a walk, we went shopping at Macys nearby. The US is great for cheap clothes especially with the current dollar rate.
Day 10 we spent at Universal studios. This was always going to be aimed more for the big kids. having said that the little kids had fun too.
We got there early as the park opens at 10 am. we went thru the entrance gates at 9.45 and waited inside for the park to open ( no one was allowed in ) Our first goal was to get to the inner park ticket booth to upgrade our tickets to the front of line pass. When the park officially opened we made it to the booth first and got them. there are only a limited no. of these tickets isseued and it means you dont have to line up and you get preferred seating at all the shows, and some extra bonuses like behind the scenes talk to the actors in the water world show.
we sarted with a studio tour on the buses which was great, lots of interesting facts and great fun. the kids loved the "Jaws" shark and the "mummy returns" spinning tunnel. Elleni liked seeing Norman Bates at the Bates motel ( an actor putting a body in the boot of a car and chasing the bus with a knife in hand ) from the movie Psycho.
then off to see Shrek 4D ride - again our passes meant no waiting in line, which was great as the temp today went to 32 C ( the park had micro srayers and fans set up at all the lines and on light poles around the park to keep people cool, although it wasnt to bad - the heat that is). we all loved this one except for Matthew who got a little scared.
then Evie and Elleni went on the Simpsons ride which is simulated roller coaster, Elleni came off the ride looking a little distressed. but it couldnt have been too bad beaude at the end of the day she dragged her mum on it again. I also went on by my self. it was pretty good.
We stopped for a bite to eat and then off to the Water World show, this was great, we sat in the "soak zone " hoping to get wet but no luck. Kids loved the show.
Evie and the kids went to the "Curious George playground" which has water falling , dripping etc from above and also squirting from the ground, while i went off to find the mummy ride. Evie and all 3 kids were playing in an area when the heard a count down and before they knew it they were standing in the wrong spot because a huge amount of water was dumped on them from above saturating them all from top to toe.
the Mummy ride is an indoor roller coaster like ghost mountain at disney land but not quite as good. i still liked this ride never the less.
We met up together so Evie could try the mummy ride then we went on the jurrasic park ride separately which is also good. as mentioned the last ride of the day was Elleni and Evie on the simpsons ride. before that however we saw Niko's favourite part of the day- The Backdraft show. this is where you are shown how hollywood does special effects with fire. Matthew missed most of the show with his eyes shut and face implanted into Evies shoulder.
during the day we got some photos with various characters, we missed a coupe of things on the list of things to do - but over all a very long day - perhaps an excuse to return some day.
we got in the car to return to our hotel, the trip to the park this morning took only 20-30 mins in traffic. the return trip had an 8 km stretch travelling at 10 Kph. we took much longer to get home as we left at 5.30 and it is a friday here today. lots of traffic, which is apparently normal. it took just over an hour. we settled in for the night and we have a couple of free days now which we might try to fit in a beverly hills tour , a museum visit and some shopping.
bye for now - check out the photos.