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George & Evie’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Oct 2009

Location: USA

MapDay 16 17 & 18
Day 16 - We left our lodgings outside Disney land and went for a late breakfast at Downtown Disney. Breakfast was a full buffet which was awesome, and later we finished some shopping here.
We then drove to the home of Addison Montgomerie in the show "Private Practice" , Santa Monica.
Santa Monica is about 60 minutes away from Anaheim, it is a beach side city. We checked into our new home which i didn't like because there is no carpark, you get a permit and have to park on the road... if you can find a park that is. we drove around the block for a bit and then found one, i had to get Evie to help me reverse park into a tight space ( i miss my reverse parking sensors). the place here is only 3 blocks away from the pacific ocean, and is huge compared to what we have been used to. it has a v large living/dining room a fully equipped kitchen ( smallish but functional) and upstairs....yes that's right upstairs there are 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms. we went shopping at the nearest store which happened to be a completely organic grocery store which was fantastic. the only thing they didn't have was someone at the checkout to pack our bags which we have got used inconvenient. Got home and had a home cooked meal ( roast chicken..awesome!!). Before we left to go shopping we walked outside at about 2 pm and saw the weirdest thing- was the middle of the afternoon and there was a thick fog, it was daytime and still a warmish day. Originally we thought something was on fire. the lady at the front desk says it is unusual although not that uncommon either.
Day 17
We headed out to Hollywood and mixed it with the beautiful people on Rodeo Drive, saw almost every sports and super car you can think of driving around. you can smell the capitalism in the air. we ticked a goal off Evie's list, - to eat at an American diner. we stopped for brunch and played a few songs on the jukebox ( 2 songs for a quarter). i played a couple of Beatles songs then i re-lived a few scenes from 'Back to the future' and played "earth angel" and "Mr Sandman" and repeated several lines from the movie much to Evie's disgust. The kids now do it with ice age 3 , even Matthew. Finished off with some Elvis and the beach boys
then we drove to the Santa Monica Pier ( you see this during the show private practice when they show a large jetty with a Ferris wheel and roller coaster), the pier is large and nothing too great. there is a farmers market there on Sundays with pony rids etc which we will try make.
Currently cirque du soleil is on the santa Monica beach with their newest show, cant decide whether to go or not.
We found a regular supermarket ( a Vons which is like coles- they are everywhere in every city) We like Vons because Evie got a discount card back in San Diego even though we dont live here.
Day 18
We headed out with an early start planned - didnt quite get there, we had to get back to rodeo drive for a trolley tour of bevery hills. this was a 40 min tour which was pretty good, went past some sites and stars homes. Hollywood is not all great, once you drive away from beverly hills it gets quite poor and dingy with lots of homeless people about. We drove down the sunset strip and then drove back to Santa Monica to go to the shopping precinct on the 3rd St promenade- ( like rundle mall but more shops), they have better buskers though. Evie managed some more retail therapy. Kids were starving so had to make it back home for dinner.
Evie and I love watching a reality tv show called cash cab. people in new york jump into a cab not knowing it is any different to any other cab. during their trip to their destination they have to answer general knowledge questions and they get $50 for each correct answer and all the passengers can answer. they get 3 strikes and they are out and they can use a street shout out , where the host(cab driver) pulls over and the passengers can call out to someone on the street to help them with the answer. most people tend to win some cash.
by the way the dodgers lost the other night, to the Philadelphia phillies. L.A still has a shot with the other LA team the Los Angeles Angels, who need to win the next two games in a row (against the NY Yankees) to play the Phillies.