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Steve Noll’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Nov 2009

Location: Baghdad, Iraq, Iraq

MapToday is Sunday, Nov 22nd. The week of Thanksgiving is upon us, and even though the weather is turning cool and what trees there are have begun losing their leaves, it still does not FEEL like fall or Thanksgiving. There is a promise of "GOOD" food at the DFAC (dining facility) for Thanksgiving but we will see. I cannot complain though, because the food is a very good quality. I was having difficulty with my laptop (it crashed) but I think it may be working again, now. I SHOULD be able to talk to the Noll's on Thanksgiving Day now. I will test it tonight and let you all know.

Thanks for all the support packages the family has been sending. They are VERY appreciated and I share with my fellow team-members on Team RAMROD (Super Troopers reference). The four of us sit in one cubicle area and have gotten to be fairly good friends. Miles (LTC Armstrong) is an Army Officer from Atlanta and handles all the MEDEVAC issues in Iraq; Tom Devine (retired Army Colonel) is in charge of all the UAS (un-manned aerial systems or UAVs) in Iraq like predator, etc,; and Scott (CW4 Scott Morgan) is the Standards person for Iraq which means he handles the standardization of all Army aviation issues in country.

We will be flying the flags over the palace for those that asked for them, tomorrow, 23 Nov (I hope--still waiting on official word) and then I will get them out in the mail by Wed.

I will update again as soon as something interesting comes up or when I get bored.

Lt Col Steve Noll