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Steve Noll’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Nov 2009

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

MapWell, I made it through my first holiday without my wife and family. I must say, the military went out of its way to over decorate the Dining Facility for Thanksgiving. There were all sorts of decorated cakes (one looked like a 4 foot wide bible with a PSALMS verse written on one of the "pages" with icing). There were ice sculptures, and watermelons that the DFAC workers carved into cool creations. There were two HUGE Cornacopias with all kinds of fruits and vegetables coming out of them. We had ALL the typical thanksgving foods and pies and cakes. I would like to say the food sucked but it didin't. It was DEFINITELY NOT as good as home, but it was far better than what one would expect in a war zone.

For dinner (I was at the office in the Palace) someone came upstairs from the 1st floor of the palace and said there was food downstairs in the Ball Rooom. General Odierno's kitchen staff cooked a huge buffet with 2 turkeys, ham, REAL mashed potatoes, green with bacon in it, yams, mac & cheese, and banana pudding. It was better than the DFAC meal, plus we looked around and realized we were eating in Saddam's Ball Room! Justice! Missed everyone though, especially my loving and supporting wife. I have one more MAJOR holiday to make it through and then it is down hill til we can be together again. Love you honey and miss you!

Lt Col Steve Noll