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Steve Noll’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Nov 2009

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

MapWell, one holiday down, one more to go. Then it is all downhill from there. The food was actually pretty good but still not as good as smelling the turkey cooking and filling the house with delicious smells. I ate lunch at the Dining Facility but for dinner (I was at work) they had food in the Ball Room of the palace that was cooked by General Odierno's kitchen staff...delicious!

We had all the usual fixings and dishes. There were tons of decorations so it was a LITTLE like home but reality hit and reminded me we were still in Baghdad. We got to eat Dinner in Saddam's Ball Room in Al Faw palace...justice!

Today is Saturday and they are filming a snippit downstairs in the Rotunda of the palace for the Army Navy game. Obviously, it is very heavily Army if you see the game on TV today and yo usee a bunch of Army guys yelling "Go Army, Beat Navy!" that was filmed downstairs for where I work.

I have to get back to work now but will try to update you again, soon.

Lt Col Steve Noll