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Steve Noll’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Dec 2009

Location: Iraq

MapI got the neatest surprise today. When I returned from lunch, there was a manilla envelope on my chair and in it was a stack of letters written to ME from a 2nd grade class (Ms. Erin Budic's class) at Liberty Tree Elementary School in Powell OH (Olentangy Schools). Each student wrote me a letter for a project for Veteran's Day in which they learned about what a veteran was and they also learned about the war over here in Iraq. The letters said things like "Thank you for your sacrifices", "You are brave", "You are a strong soldier", "We miss you" or "We love you". I took the time to write a letter to the teacher and to each and every 2nd grader that wrote me a letter. I am mailing them back tomorrow and hope they can get them before Christmas. I also offered to their teacher that if I ever get back to Columbus, I would like to stop by and talk to the class and answer their questions about the war and being in the military. It was such a cute gesture and fun to read. Just wanted to share that with you all too!

Lt Col Steve Noll