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Steve Noll’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Dec 2009

Location: Baghdad, Iraq

MapSaw two concerts in the last week sponsored by the USO. First was Aaron Tippin, country music star. He played several songs and then signed autographs and took individual pictures with us after the show.

The 2nd concert was Jessie James, Carlos Mencia, and Kid Rock. It was awesome. A lot of troops came out for this one but I was still very close to the stage. Jessie James was a very pretty country singer and was a hit with the troops. Carlos Mencia was a politically-incorrect (yet very funny) comedian that picked on every race and every branch of the military. The crowd was rolling! Then, finally, Kid Rock came out and gave aabout an hour and a half long show and rocked Baghdad. He was very supportive of us and said this was his 5th tour to the country.

Probably the most difficult part of the show for everyone was when Kid Rock pulled out a bottle of Jim Beam on stage, poured up a big glass of it, toasted us, and drank it down. You could HEAR everyone salivate at the sight of the Bourbon bottle! Guys were BEGGING him for a shot of it. He ended the concert with his cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA". Afterwards he, Jessie James, and Carlos Mencia took pics with troops.

Overall, it was a nice week of music and fun.

Lt Col Steve Noll