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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 29 Mar 2006

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

MapHello everyone and a very belated Happy St Patrick's Day!
As you might have seen from the pics, we had a grand ol' time with Guiness and all - there's nothing like a little taste of home ;-)

Other than that, you may have figured out that we are out of the travelling loop - for a while anyway - hence the lack of continuos (and exciting) diary entries... Anyhow, what's new in the world of work work work, comparative adjectives and progressive tenses? Well, we're moving in with some Canadian friends this weekend, and will get a LANDLINE... if someone feels like foning us... (hint hint, and we have skype as well for those cyberkidz out there). And these days we fly around Taipei city on our racy little scooter, beeping in and out of traffic, swearing at cheeky taxi drivers and bully busdrivers. It's great fun and the city really feels so much smaller and accessible, only I haven't tried driving it yet, and probably won't - we all know what happens when Betzy gets behind the wheel... Instead I sit behind, like a proper biker beatch, and do my bit of backseat driving... hehe

When it comes to the bar scene here, it's okay if you're not looking for anything crazy... So, to cut it short, we're pretty disappointed with it by now. You get nice lounge bars, to sit and socialize in, that play decent tunes, but the prices are ridiculous and after you've gotten warmed up there, there's nowhere to go on to. All you get is stroppy hiphop clubs, filled with posers and bad music. Oh, how we miss our beloved friends spinning da records da whole nite true, keeping da beat pumpin' and our hearts tumpin'... But, we've heard of this club that was shut down and might be opening up in April again, so we're keeping our fingers crossed - I know, 1 club in the whole of Taipei! But we do have a cool music festival coming up next weekend, "Spring Scream", down the south end of Taiwan, and the lineup should be good so we're taking our dancing shoes and heading for the beach.

Well, I guess that's all for the mo. Hope you're all doing fine wherever you are. We miss you all loads and it'll be great to see you soon again!

Lots n lots of love n kisses,
Liz & Ciaran xxxx