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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Jun 2006

Location: Taipei, Taiwan

MapOh dear oh dear,
This is what happens when you stop travelling... I hope you're all well (if you're still reading this page that is ;-)). We're counting our days at work now, and the end might come sooner than we expected (we'll keep you all updated). Taipei in itself isn't bad though. We're improving our Chinese every day and Ciaran has started playing football (already been asked onto the national team) and I'm persuing my hidden tallants as an oilpainter.
As for our plans for the summer, it looks like we'll have to scrap our Hawaii and Toronto/NY plans as money just wouldn't be enough. Instead we're looking into going to the Boom festival in Portugal at the beginning of August and then travel around Portugal and Spain for a month or so until we're completely broke and then we'll come home (to Dublin that is). But plans are still in the air as we have to see how the job situation turns out here.

Anyhows, just a quicky to say hello to y'all and hopefully we'll have some more pics after this weekend - going to Taiwanese beachparty...

Love and peace to each and everyone of yous,
Liz & Ciaran xxx