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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Aug 2006

Location: Cavan-Dublin, Ireland

MapHey, hey, the blog is back! We arrived in Ireland about 2 weeks ago and after a long and torturous 24 hours of hanging around airports and flying economy we finally got back. We have been spending our weeks in the countryside and have had our fill of ancient castles and Neolithical tombs and have been spending our weekends in Dublin catching up with our old and dear palls and have had more than our fill of Guinness and other assorted drinks. Unfortunately we left our photos down in Cavan but you can get your fill of the historical sites of Ireland at a later date.
So its back on the road again. Tomorrow we're off to Portugal for a lakeside hippie festival for a week and then down to the south coast of Spain and morocco for sun, sea and sangria. This ain't travelling, this is pure holiday, I want my sun tan back!