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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 14 Aug 2006

Location: Seville, Spain

MapHey ya all, were in Seville now after spending a week at the boom festival in Portugal. The boom festival was truly excellent. The music started off as psy trance for the first couple of days but as time went on got more progressive and it wasn't long before we were stomping our feet to some good old industrial techno. The beats just keep getting better. We saw a lot of live bands too, some of which were pretty cool. Lots of beats and lots of things to do. All over the place were crazy instillation's of alien plants which glowed different colours at night and sprayed out water vapour during the day. The night time visuals were amazing. Projections and illuminated instillation's everywhere while the main tent looked like some twisted circus oozing beams of light in all directions, intrepidly inviting us into the madness.
We were camped right on a lake with a beach which was a god send because during the day the temperature was 40 to 45 degrees which was just blowing us away. There were loads of talks on social and environmental issues and yoga and Qi gong workshops. I think the whole place just suited us down to the ground. There were loads of shows with fire jugglers and nutters with flame throwers which was a bit freaky cause I don't think there was any safety officers around, but the vibe was really good, I didn't once get any bad vibes or see and trouble probably because there was very little alcohol consumed at the event. There was loads of veggie and health food restaurants. I'm only disappointed it happens only every two years. ill definitely be back then.
We spend some time in lovely Lisbon soaking in the culture before hitching down the Algarves which is a total shit hole and to be avoided at all costs. The word overdeveloped sums it up completely. A start contrast to the lovely natural surroundings of the boom festival. We didn't spend to long there needless to say. I'm glad we got to see it because we were planning to do faro on the way back so its a lot of time saved in the long run. We are happily in Seville now catching up with my brother Emmett. Don't know where we will go next but probably start heading down to Morocco. Bye till then.