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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Apr 2005

Location: Koh Phangan, Thailand

MapKoh Phangan, The Reagge Bar and Son Gras...

Hi Y'all, we are in Koh Tao (Turtle Island - Kari, Your PlAce!) now, just north of Koh Phangan. So far we have been real beach bums, layzing by the sea and feeding ourselves in the beach side restaurants.
When we arrived at Koh Phangan we were pretty exhausted from our travels, so it took us a couple of days to start soaking it in. We stayed at the Reagge Bar - Haad Salad Beach - with Anto, nootorious for its mushroom shakes, which we tried on one occasion before going to the Black Moon Party. The once a month Full Moon Patrty just isn't enough around here... We also spent a good few evenings lounging in the reagge bar. The owner was sound and would let us watch any movies we wanted.
We also went to see some Thaiboxing fights, which was a real experience and much enjoyed by all (see our pix).
The most exciting thing while staying here was by far the Son Gra (Thai New Year). Sound systems lined the streets playing techno and trance while everyone was busy soaking each other inbetween their dancing in the biggest waterfight we've ever seen! (this is tradition in Thailand by the awy - what a brilliant way to celebrate New Year!) Every shop or so would have a hose pooring out onto the street so peopple of all ages could fill up their water pistols, buckets & whatever else. Open air taxis would carry barrels of water, soaking bystanders while others would retailiate and soak them back. Son Gra was by far the most fun we've had at a party and it didn't involve a drop of intoxicants!

So, now we have arrived to Koh Tao, which is as stunning as Koh Phangan but is much better for swimming and snorkeling. We haev started a PADI open water diving course and just spent the day sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool learning different diving skills. Tomorrow it's out to the sea to play with the fishes!