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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Location: Sri Lanka

MapHi all, It's been a while and a lot has happened. After the diving in koh tao we returned to bangkok for a couple of days. This time we were in much better humour for it. We got real touristy and went to a few temples, saw some buddhas, lots of gold, you know the kind of stuff you would expect to see from a religion based on detatchment from the matertial world... We also took a ride on the faboulus sky train (we are currently working with Andrew Lyod webber on a musical on the subjest) out the sprawling seat of chaos know as the week end market. I must say, siam square of Bangkok seems decades ahead of Dublin with it's sky trains, neon lights and video boards. So much for the developing country huh.
After a couple of days we traveled north to Chiang Mai at the foot of the nothern hills. We visited some of the hill tribes famed as opium farmers (for medical purposes I'm sure). Its amazing how their villages seem like one big gift shop and for people with no electricty we wondered what they did with their salite dishes... Just another reminder that tourist resourse in Thailand has been over exploited and marketed to death. But we did have an amazing time hitching rides with elephants, bamboo rafting and we even stumbled by accicident onto a zoo. And you thought that was a wild tiger in the photo section;-)
Now we are writing this from Sri Lanka. We got here about a week ago. For the first three nights we stayed in a five star colonial hotel in Colombo, courtesy of Danielle's Dad Prasanna. It was nice to hang around the air conditioned rooms and private beach for a few days. We then decided to head along the south coast to some of the areas hit by the tsunami. We found ourselves in the city of Gall (pronounced Gaul) and are currently working as volounteers for a charity working with the tsunami victims. The work is hard but rewarding. There is so much devestation here. The tsumai has left so many people without homes or income. We plan to stick around for a week and help out where we can before moving on to India and some well desearved yoga retreats.
Thats all for now, we will update the photos where we can.

With love, Ciaran and Izzy.