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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 May 2005

Location: Kandy, Sri Lanka

MapHi yall, in Kandy hill country in the centre of Sri Lanka. We finished with the Galle project just a few days ago. We spent a week and a half doing some back breaking labour. There was some pulling down tents work but for the most part we got stuck into packing soya corn flour for mothers and children in a sweaty warehouse. It was pretty low grade food powder ( Izzy got a rash from it) but at least it's something. It seems that the charities are taking the bulk of relief work as the goverment here is so f--king corrupt. It's also illegal to critisize them so if you don't hear from us in soon try get a randsom together.
So we have left the project which I can say is populated with lots of friendly interesting people, maybe the best we met so far. We took a train inland to Kandy. It's really beautiful here, lots of heavly forested
rolling hills. Terrfic landscape. Our guest house is hanging over a valley
full of small monkeys. We plan to spend some time here relaxing and plan to visit the elephant orphanage so stay tuned for the elephant pics. love Ciz and Iz