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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 31 May 2005

Location: Chennai, India

MapHey all, we're in the city of Chennai at the moment, on the Indian South-East coast. First day and it seems like another crazy full on hectic asian city. Last week we were up in Kandy country. It was gorgoeus. We stayed in a guest house which overlooked the jungle. At night you could sit outdoors with a pot of tea (this part of the country prides itself on its tea and are well into it) and watch the fire flies dance around the trees. Magic. The area was also home to tribes of monkeys. You would have to keep doors closed behind you or they would come in and nick things. Houligans. We got ganged up upon by about 30 of them coming down the road one day. The dominant males would try to show off by trying to get as close to you as possible. So we spent a week in Kandy. The best part was trekking off in to the hillls and climbing up high. The view was terrific. The worst part of Kandy was going to the home for retired elephants and watching the slave elephants pull in the fat dollars instead of enjoying their declining years.
Overall Kandy was fine but best enjoyed once you got off the tourist trail and away from the money grabbing touts and temples. We did manage to go see some Kandyan dancing. Quite circus like with guys flipping around and walking across hot coals (there will be photos).
Now we are in India. We are here in Chennai for a couple of days before we head off to Varanasi, a holy city on the ganges in the north. To get there we will have to spend 40 hours on a train which is sure to be an experience. Till then.