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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Jun 2005

Location: Chennai, India

MapHello all,
We've settled in in Chennai and met up with Anto yesterday. Great seeing her after a month apart and for her early birthday celebrations we bought ourselves some cheap, warm, leathal Indian beer and threw a three man party in our hotel room. Of course, by the time our beer was finished, we were just getting warmed up and all the bars were closed... Indians, as the Sri Lankans, aren't really creatures of the night, but rather like to go to bed early and rise with the sun. Something very foreign to us... So, we did the only thing you would expect from true northerners, and went out on a mad, but successfull, beer hunt and continued our celebrations til the early hours!
The Indian people we've met so far have been lovely and very helpful. As per usual, you meet your crooks, but they are everywhere around the globe, so it's just to get used to sussing them out and then avoiding them as best possible! Tomorrow we're embarking on our 40 hrs train journey up to Varanasi. Til then, all the best to y'all!

xxx Ciz&iz
P.s. Yesterday we saw the BIGGEST RAT IN THE WORLD! It was as big as a CAT and wobbling around outside our hotel... AS BIG AS A CAT!!!