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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Jun 2005

Location: New Delhi, India

MapShanti, shanti!
In New Delhi for a few days now after a short visit to the, supposedly, holiest city in India, Varanasi. This is the place to be when you die, as the best passing on is through burning the body on the river Ganges. This river is also said t wash away your sins, so every day, people come here to bathe... hmm... let's see, burning bodies and bathing in the same river... Not to mention the 30 or so sewers that pump out into the river at the same time. Poor ol' Ganges doesn't stand a chance here. Also, as you need a special coal for burning the dead corpses, and this coal is pretty expensive, poor people can't afford enough of it, so a lot of bodies are floating around halfburnt and then getting eaten by the local dogs. Talking to some of the locals, they don't seem to see the polution, but rather proudly asks us if we've ever seen a cleaner river than this. And granted, it's a beautiful place to watch the sun go down by and see the rituals with insence burning, bell ringing and candles floating in the river, but it does give you a bit of an earie feeling. Other than that, Varanasi is a small town, with cute little alley ways, that are way too over crowded for our taste.

Our next destination is Rishikesh, the place where the Beatles came to find their guru, and now one of the yoga sites of India. But first we'll explore the capital city and see what it has in store for us!

With lots of love,
Ciz & Iz Ps Photos on the way soon as we find a shop with a connection speed fast enough!