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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 16 Jul 2005

Location: Manali, North India, India

MapHiya all,
So, it's been a while since our last update, and there's no other excuse than the simple fact that we're on holiday! Also, staying in towns where electricity only happens at the good will of the Gods hasn't made it more attractive to sit down in front of the computer composing sweet words knowing you're working against the odds of actually managing to send them to anyone. But, here we are now in Manali, a little village in the north, only known to the larger group of western tourists for the last 15-20 years. It's got really, really hot springs, where people can come and bathe for free, which is a nice feature, especially when the hotwater shower in your room doesn't work ;-) Men and women bathe separetaly of course, but there's one hot spring in the square, surrounded by no walls, where many men come to bathe and show off their physique, while next to them women wash clothes and dishes, throwing glances at the boys. Could it be that maybe this is Manali's hot spot for pic-ups?

Just spent a lovely week in Bhagsunag, just outside Dharamasala and McLeod Ganj, where we planned to see HH D. Lama and congratulate him on his big 70th. However, as it rained and rained and rained and rained - for 16hrs non stop(!) on this day, we decided to celebrate him the next day. Unfortunately, the supposed 3 day celebration was just a hoax, and no one bothered the next day, or the day after... So, we thought we'd enjoy Bhagsu and McLeod for a few days and see D. Lama when he was giving his lectures.

Joined by Brendan from the Green Island, we explored some gorgeous waterfalls in the surrounding Himalayan hills, and also got well into the beautiful game of chess. Ciaran has been carving a name for himself in the Bhagsu chessworld. As for Bhagsu as a town, it was a most enchanting place, situated on a hilltop amongst hilltops with lush green forest all around. The air was fresh and energizing and finally it felt like we'd gone north enough for the cool nights we'd been dreaming of!

Our next stop will be Leh, also known as "little Tibet". We have a wonderful 2 day bustrip to look forward to... mmmm...
Til then folks, hope ye're all doin great and keep checkin us out!

Lots of love to y'all,
Ciz & Iz xxx