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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Sep 2005

Location: Smelly Delhi, India

MapWell Well Well, back in Delhi again, stinky city that it is. Is it the hustle and bustle of the overcrowded streets, the fresh aroma of urine at every street corner, the lack of footpaths forcing people and vehicles to fight dangerously for space or just the filthy streets and poisonous air that makes Delhi so unique. Our travel guide says that not many travelers have much good to say about Delhi, I would say I'm at the dark end of the spectrum on this one. Not a choice destination but we're stuck here till tomorrow. Good news for us is that we have booked our tickets for Beijing and are heading there on the 12th of September. We are so excited. We have made a list of all the amazing things we want to see form terracotta soldiers to great walls and mystical wundan mountain (not to mention draft Gunniess). This will be amazing. The challenge is that china is really expensive these days what with the booming economy and all that so it will put our budget traveling skills to the test. Still I will enjoy the opportunity to cook our own food at a youth hostel. Iím a little tired of low standard crap service restaurants you get in India. In fact the other evening, Liz and I were in a cheap cafe where we saw a rat (and a mouse I might add) run across the floor. We tried to warn the staff about the hygiene consequences but they assured us it is ok as rats are merely the helper agents of Ganesh the Elephant God and are merely busy doing his work. What a relief.
Still Delhi is not all that bad, we have managed to meet some sound Europeans as you do when out on an adventure. Also the new part of the city is spacious and well planned but unfortunately there isn't much going on there, mostly big roads and roundabouts, still it is very green with parks and trees which always look good as part of any urban zone. Previous to Delhi we were in Rishikesh, you remember the Beatles ashram place? Lovely as per usual but unfortunately Liz came down with a flu and was really ill. Fortunately Ganesh works in mysterious ways, there was a hospital right next to us which only charged a very small donation. Liz spent some days on antibiotics getting better. As a result we didn't manage to get a second round at the yoga, but there was a fabulous rooftop at the hotel, with a view of the mighty ganges and sourounded by green mountains, so I managed to get some great chi gung and martial arts practice in.
Onwards now to a place called pushkar a remote and pretty town in Rahjastan, a last opportunity to pick up some Indian crafts. Rahjastan is the place where the crafts are made and prices seem the best. Strange but the 25 states in India seem to be really different from each other. Kashmiries are the sales men of India, Punjabis are India's spoilt immature rich kids and Rahjastanis are the artists of the land. Rahjastan is the desert area of India and I imagine a more exotic region so it should be a nice way to round off our trip before we greet the rising dragon in person.
Till then my friend, be well.