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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Sep 2005

Location: Pushkar, India

MapShanti to y'all,
In the little Rhajastani desert town of Pushkar now. Although it's completely set up for tourists, and the only thing really to do here is shop til you drop and then recover with a cup of chai in one of the many little quaint resaturant joints, it has a very relaxed feel to it and is a great place for some R&R. What else with Rhajastan is that it feels a lot more like the "real" India than any of the places we've been to so far. Instead of streets filled with colourless clone looking men with military style moustashes and dirty rags, in Rhajastan you'll see women (who will actually be around town and at social events) dressed in colourful sarees, wearing gold and silver just about everywhere they can think of and men with stylish tashes and glittering earings - even the kids walk around like some mini christmastrees with gold and silver chains hanging off them. THIS was what I was expecting when I came to India, colour and spice - colour and spice! So, it's a shame that we only have a week to explore this part of India, but we intend to make the most of it! So far we've indulged in some serious shopping and chai drinking of course and attended some Vishnu festival at the local temple. Today we'll be heading further out in the desert to Jaisalmer, the golden city, on the border of Pakistan. Here awaits us some magnificant historical sites and old Mughal architecture as well as a camel safari in to the desert...
So till the next time,
Ciz & Iz xxx