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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Sep 2005

Location: Beijing, China

MapNi hao y'all,
and welcome to China! But before I even start on this one, we have to finish off India in it's rightful way. Our last week in the land of blue gods, yoga, holy cows and curry we spent in the most fantastic part of Rhajastan. It couldn't have ended better (well, I guess, maybe if someone would have walked up and offered us a fat bag of euros for the continuation of this journey... ). We drove out into the desert closing in on the border to Pakistan and the little town of Jaislamer. AND, as promised, hired a few camels, a camel driver and rode even further into the desert (see da pics). Sand dunes and desert sunsets... ahhh! Sleeping under the open sky, we were truley having an experience of a lifetime - but to top it off, imagine this: 2am and the wind is picking up, then comes lightning and a lot of it! Such scenery I've never witnessed before. And then the rain... poooooooooring down, for hours. So, there we are, with no tent, no plastic cover, soaking wet under a bunch of eaqualy soking (and stinking) camel blankets, for the rest of the night. The local desert people couldn't believe their luck, with no rain for the last 2 years, this was heaven to them! We didn't feel quite as lucky in our soaking rags, but then we are pretty used to the rain... Never the less, we had an absolutely fantastic time in the Indian desert! A briliant way to finish off our time in India. And now, it's time for China! We've been in Beijing for 4 days and we love it! But more about this the next time.

Til then, stay well
Ciz & Iz xxx