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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Oct 2005

Location: Xi'an, China

MapHi there one and all, its been a while since we last undated our journal so I'll try to keep to the point. We're in China as most of you know and loving it. So far we've been to Beijing, done a 10km hike of the great wall (trully amazing), been to Timamen Sq and seen the evil Chairman Mao's phermaldahide perserved body, the forbidden city (not so forrbidden any more), tai chi with the old folks in the morning park and shopping. We have bought loads of cheap fake gear and look very smart these days. Also the beer here is dangerously cheap and is the second biggest drink after tea (i honestly have never seen so much!). China is amazingly modern. The commi's have something to prove to the world in the Beijing olympics.
After Beijing we went inland and south to another big city but small by chinese standards, Xian. The other day we've seen the army of terroccotta soldiers, fab. unfourenty it had been raining alot here and we both managed to come down with the flu but we pulled through ok. Now its off to the famous shaolin temple for some kung foolery and tai cheekery which should be amazing.
We're learning chinese at the moment which is comming along leaps and bounds but outside a resturant we are still pretty useless. We're meeting lots of other travellers from differnt countries, some of which are lovely, especially the Americans contrary to popular belief but others of which are shockingly closed minded in that they are so hung up on sterotypes and sterotyping. And they say travel broadens the mind, huh.
That was to the point now wasn't it, be well. Love Ciz n Liz.