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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 11 Oct 2005

Location: Shaolin, China

MapHi all, in shaolin at the moment, its alright, smack in the middle of the counrtyside, so not much happening round here. The temple itself was "nice" but a bit over restored so I think a lot of the rustic charm has been lost. Also it's the surrounding area is a bit over comercialised with mega big car parks and touts at every corner putting the hard sell on bewilldered tourists. The sourrounding counrtyside however is really beautiful and there is still enough overall authenticity to make the place worth a vistit.
We've been staying at a kung fu school with over 15,000 students (no bullshit), moslty youngersters and some as yung as 3. They're so cute doing their little backflips and summer saults. We took a class today. It was alright, just good to be doing some martial arts after all this time (for me), but we've heard of a great school in the south which teaches yoga as well, so that would keep Liz happy as well while I practice my own summer saults and high kicks.
So it's good bye to Shaolin the birth palce of kung fu (and zen i might add, known as ch'an in chinese) and on to Wudang the birth place of tai-chi and sacred to the Daoists. We have many miles to cover but the opportunity to see such renown places (and seperate the facts from the hype) is motivation enough.
Be well, Love Ciaran and Elizabeth.
Ps. Pics are on the way.