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ciz&iz’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Oct 2005

Location: Wuhan, China

We moved on from Shaolin to the mystical Wudangshan mountains home of Tai Chi. The first day was a pretty nice experience following winding pathways leading to caves, temples and palaces hidden among and often hanging from the peaks. Check out the photos, cause I really can't do it justice.
We spent the second day climbing the summit of the highest peak which has a fortress like temple built there. Man there was some amount of stairs leading up. It took us over 4 hours of relentless uphill climbing. The chinese, oh they do love thier packaging. There were plenty oppurtunities to purchase some of the transendance of Wudang from the many souvenir shops clustered along the way, and always to add to the mysticism there was the faint sound of clasical chinese music in the air, enamating from plastic rocks in dotted along the forrest path. Wasn't i saying before that the chinese goverments goal is to actulaise the market potential of every attraction by turnig it into a theme park? I rest my case on this one. However the views from the summit were spectacular, our little camera just couldn't handle it. We found an older more classical route back down, with no shops but still that mood setting jingle in the air. All in all though there is still enough authentisity left in Wudang, not to mention spectacualar nature views to recommend it.
We're back on the road again, off to nanjing which is supposed to be a hip city and then on to shanghai and then on to Japan, and then on..........